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Pilot 01, Heero Yuy
Heero Yuy -- What you have been taught and what
you feel do not always coincide, but you are
learning to be the person you really are deep
down. You struggle with what is right at
times, but there's no stopping you when you set
your mind to something. While your strength
and resiliance may surprise others, you know
you can endure anything life throws at you.

Gundam Wing Personality Quiz
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1x2: You are one of the most celebrated couples of
Gundam Wing! You are loved my most, and hardly
hated! Still, you are an adorable couple and
one of those classic couples in which opposites
attract! Woo!

What yaoi Gundam Wing pairing are you?
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Heero Yuy

Which Gundam Wing Boy Do You Like?
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You're destined to have sex with Heero! This silent
and serious guy is perfect for you. He likes to
get right to things-no fore play for him just
straight to the loving! Hes not romantic in any
way really but hey! You love him for who he is!
Thats all that counts right?

Which Gundam Wing Guy Are You Destined To Have Sex With? (Results Contain Pictures)
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