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newbie here

Heyas! I just joined the community. So now, I shall proclaim my love for pilot of Gundam Zero, Heero Yuy. *glomps him*  I've been his fan ever since I saw the series. ^^ I even dream with him... lol, kinda stupid, but anyways...

Anywhere I can find good RelenaxHeero pics? I have lots, but most of them are doujinshi and I'm trying to increase my personal gallery.

Buh-bye for now! ñ.ñ


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I'm really not a fan of that particular pairing *points to icon*

But I know of a particular picture from... hmmm... Blind target?? Have you seen that? it's where Heero and Relena kissed. I love looking at Heero's lips *drools* So just google it, and maybe you can find some other sites which offers Relena and Heero pic *glomps*
Yeah, I got you point about the pairing, hehe. ^-^ Thanks anyway.
I have that picture already, and also the ones from Ground Zero. But that's about it. I've googled for Rx1 pics, but as I said, they are mostly doujinshis... *sigh* The thing's that since GW's plots is basically about the fights, the gundam's, and the pilot's moral issues, there's not much left for "love".
Thanks a lot for you reply.
*glomps* No prob. ^____^

by the way, Heero is delicious in that pic right
He IS *grins devilishly*
An absolute hottie... hehe. *¬* And I don't use that word often.
Gotta <3 Heero-sama...
i used to kno alot of sites, but i don't anymore...it has been a few years XD
btw~ i wanna glomp heero to XXD
*glomp* ~gu-lom-pu~
thanks, don't worry, I'll find something. hehehe.
and just, one thing: I <3 heero! ...... *cough* sorry, fangirl inside me took over.